I am missing something, trying to find it through each of my piece of work, in each song that interacts with my senses (which includes thoughts). I feel a little bit of peace due to the change of environment every now-and-then but this feeling of missing something doesn’t leave. This is not ‘fear of missing out’. I am saying this when I am feeling at peace with myself, loving myself and trying to treat myself the best way I can in the moment.

I have noticed that even when I go outside somewhere, my eyes automatically start skimming through the place to find this missing thing. Maybe it’s a certain feeling, maybe a person or it may even be both.

It is nowhere around me and that makes everything even more terrible than it already is. How would I ask for whatever it is when I can’t call it by a name? Maybe, it is buying and living in my own house or maybe, my home is some person. A place where nothing that I hear sounds like noise or disturbance. There is a hollow somewhere inside.

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