I have often heard people swear that they will provide safety to their significant others. Most of the times, it refers to them warding off any person or thing attacking their loved ones physically. But what about emotional safety? Are their loved ones emotionally safe with them? Do they pose a threat on it or is their own emotional safety at stake? What is to be done in such a situation?

It’s weird but true that at times, the ones who feel the most vulnerable are the ones who saw that the ones who were supposed to provide them with safety inherently either denied, rejected or ignored their need for protection altogether or ended up being the ones who their emotions needed the most protection from because they either manipulated it, discarded it or didn’t let the healthy expression of feelings happen at all. Sometimes, they boast their ability to protect which puts hesitation in the one being protected. A few other times, they either deliberately choose to or due to the circumstances, the needs of the ones who they were supposed to be catered by overpower the needs of the individual. So, the one who was supposed to be the caregiver becomes the one whose needs are to be catered to. Here, protection is not provided in many ways to the one who was initially supposed to receive it.

Now, again, I am not asking to not be grateful for good things and people in life because it’s true that it is seldom that you would get the opportunity to enjoy their presence and company and also learn a thing or two. Not all people are bad and nobody is perfect but at the same time, we can try to be better each moment. Not everything is good in a person but at the same time, where do you draw a line? What about balanced situation and holistic well-being? Is being in the “protection” of such people true protection?


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