Her Rewards?

After the tiring efforts that she puts

In the whole day in aiding you in work,

The least you can do

Is not to be rude to her.

Maybe, give her a hug if she is ok with it.

She has a lot on her plate.

If you can’t reduce or understand her distress,

At least, don’t add more to it.

She can rightly scold you

For your unjust behaviour;

In such circumstances, she totally deserves to

React towards you in such a manner.

Why only her? You may ask.

Aren’t these emotions felt by all in general?

But who is the least praised and recognised for her tasks?

Who is forgotten the most— that she is a human?

Her only reward is the smile on your face.

She understands the struggle you face everyday.

Maybe, you can also try to not give her pain

If you know that you justly can’t reciprocate.

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