Foundation Building

The phase where things don’t work in your favour is called ‘building the foundation’. It really may be that the only thing that is preventing you from receiving your well-deserved and hard-earned abundance is your planets. You are with yourself but your fortune isn’t. The ones who say that there is nothing called fortune don’t really live in the reality. It is just as important as hard and smart work and planning.

You can never ascertain or claim that your hard work will reach its fruition and when and how much will you receive in return. Some people live a hard life, even though a few people don’t want to believe it. Some people travel on journeys much more difficult than others. Everything has an aspect of individualism.

So give yourself a break. The journey is not limited to achievements. It is also about having fun along the way. It’s better if it did not work out. If you know that you tried your best, you are not lazy. Now, go and have some fun. Start building the foundation of living a happier and healthier life.

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