Eagerly Waiting

I am eager to meet you. Who are you? What is your name? How do you look like? How much could I estimate about you intuitively? What we share intuitively goes beyond love, beyond this lifetime and many more. I miss you. I want to tell you how much I love once we wed again in this lifetime and never leave a chance to let you know how much love I have for you because saying the numerous times too doesn’t feel enough to match the depth and intensity of my feelings for you.

It’s strange to the world, I know, that we haven’t met yet I feel so deeply for you but I also know that you exist somewhere as a human being as well and keep sending me your energy as your human self. I know that you know that I am. We just need to reach each other in bodily forms. I am so eagerly waiting for you. I rush to each person who feels like you but it turns out that was all a pretence. I don’t feel anything for those who pretended. I know that I have wasted my words on people who didn’t deserve it and that makes it even more difficult for me to ensure that you know that what I feel for you is real love, nothing else.

I feel a permanent peace with you and with the thoughts of living our future together- a kind of peace I can’t put into words because I never thought it exists because I had never experienced it before. I just want to say what I always say whenever we energetically have a conversation- “I Love You” and I will say it multiple times even though I know that you believe me in the first time itself because I think that you will not understand my deep feelings behind this quote so overused and vaguely thrown around and mistook for other feelings these days.

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