Let’s lighten up the mood. Let’s talk about something nice. But what?

My playlist changes with my devices. Be it any kind of device, it must have the music player in it. I put on a song which I initially think I want to listen to but change it within a few seconds. So, when anyone asks me what is my favourite song because I am a singer-songwriter-composer and love Music, it really depends on how much have i discovered, what is included from that in my playlist and what does my psyche want to communicate to me. My favourite music keeps changing. This gives me more variety than anything else can give me. Honestly, even though I want to explore a lot, I am quite specific in many things in my life so I like the variation music brings.

Sometimes, I listen to a song or tune repeatedly. At a point of time, I feel like I have listened to enough songs for the day. I went to necessarily listening to songs two hours per day at least and then more over the years to maybe not even once in a day sometimes and I like it like this because I overcame being addicted to listening to songs with trial and error. I have similarly left many habits that were getting to the point of addiction. All of them appeared to be harmless at the surface but were not good to be overdone ever.

It’s funny how the blog progressed to be nothing like it was aimed to be. Sometimes, some songs come up in the playlist and they instill and increase the unrest in me because those are not what I wanted to hear which keeps increasing so I have to change the song even though I am liking listening to it, even though it has already reached its middle or maybe even more. The thing is, it is giving joy to my ears but not to my inner being. I know very well that this unrest is not directed towards the music I am listening to but towards something else that I am seeking from within. Inability to attain it or maybe even understand it many-a-times instills a lot of frustration in me.

The answers don’t appear immediately. They appear when I sometimes am least expecting them, even if they are in the case of music. I don’t know if Music helps me in escaping the contents in my unconscious or makes them even more evident.

Some songs take me to a place and time which I have never lived but can sense it very well while listening to the composition. Sometimes, they take me years and decades back and towards the future. Songs are means of communication for me—between me and me, with someone who I don’t even know exists or not but can feel within that surely does— and it helps me feel good energies within me and that someone. I never knew Music would mean so much in the romantic aspect and spiritual identities and personal power in my life, especially two years ago.

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