Worst Beings Alive

Parents are the worst kind of beings- yup, just beings- not humans. There must be a course and a certificate that says that one is human enough to be a parent before the decision is finalised. If they don’t pass with flying colours, they should not be allowed to be parents. Yes, it sounds harsh but children are too good to be under the ‘guidance’ of some people who need to be guided in almost everything in life.

Everything is definitely trial and error but what comes after that is the will to learn and correct those mistakes to not repeat them. In some parental households, once you become a parent, you keep doing the mistake and not correct or even try to correct them or learn with an open mind about why is it a mistake in the first place. Instead, you laugh at it or just dismiss it when addressed. If you do this, you are stupid and a terrible human being and yes, I am being harsh and judgemental but I won’t stop being like this with people who do not function on humanitarian grounds, no matter their age or relation or even identity. Step up and bring a change if you are such an “adult” that you take the decision to birth another human being or bring them howsoever in your life and plan to “raise” them. You fail as a parent and as a human being at the same time.

Parents need to be held accountable too when they are so praised in our country, especially the ones who are the bearers of the toxic and dysfunctional household, who create the paradigm of ‘favourite child’ and the ‘forgotten child’ and the ‘scapegoat’. Every coin has two sides, then why shy away from the criticism? And if it’s bothering you so much, why not bring a change so that the household can function in a healthier way? Or is the ego of being the “bigger one” or the “parent” makes you think that apart from you, nobody has any problems or cannot be correct in any way? If you can’t bring these changes, don’t blame your child for turning out how they did for surviving your dysfunctional parenting directed towards them.

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