For once, I want to lay my head in your lap,

To feel the nourishment and gentleness that I never received,

To be reassured that if I cry, you won’t judge me or leave.

I want to tell you the reason of what goes beyond generational gap.

All of us are of the same age, I know.

I also know that the people except me in this home

Do not deserve to receive anything nice

Because of being and supporting the ones full of apathy, selfishness and vice.

I am rightly not supposed to forgive these people

Who have deliberately kept my life away from being simple,

Who always put people in situations that inflict and increase their pain

And preach otherwise because they have a false image to maintain.

This bitterness has been injected in me

By who keep disrespecting my boundaries,

Mocking my interests and passions-whatever they are.

They are not worthy of being loved or connected to even from afar.

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