I am searching for something on a soul level since always, since before I was introduced to learning Music, since before I had my first crush ever, since before I met my best friends. It doesn’t have a name. I can’t define definitely what, who or where is it. Whatever appears even slightly like it, I run towards that. It may be an idea, my work, a person- whatever looks like that, I want to spend more time with it. Slowly I realise, they are not what I was searching for.

I am saying this after loving and enjoying almost a decade with my besties (which will continue for the lifetime), enjoying the over of my audience, readers, knowing and handling fame and name and taking care of my basic responsibilities towards me and the society- technically trying almost everything, even adventurous trips. All of these convince me for a moment and then this feeling returns. It is not even lack of self-work or self-love. I want to be convinced that I found what my soul was searching for since always once and for all.

This search stirs within me something and that is not anxiety. It is an unresting peace. Its vibe is peaceful but it stirs within me a quest. I am feeling this after operating completely from my potential as a spiritual being in my utmost power since two years. It is not power or authority, not even reverence that it is. Does everyone feel like this?

I felt like this before and I wrote Search

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