Connections have their own ways. They form themselves. They cannot be forced or manipulated and it is just obvious that we share multiple connections of various natures with people at the same time. No, I am not justifying cheating on your partner. Never do that. I am stating the obvious that it is practically impossible to be involved only with a single group of people and never interact with anyone else or never form a good bond outside of that connection. You still bond with your friends when you are married and you still interact with your colleagues, boss and other friends while you cherish bonding with your besties in one connection. You still talk to your doctor when needed.

There is a little space present in the various connections you share and this space helps in breathing- of the connection, you and the people involved in these connections with you. All of us have our own worlds which we live in and this difference in the realities often leads to arguments or misunderstandings when not seen as two different and equally important truths. At the same time, expecting reciprocal from the people you share your best bond with is justified but we must not forget that this reality applies to other connections too that we, as people, share with others in our lives.

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