Paying the education fees of my child is not something that I should expect them to return. They have the right to be educated and as a parent, it is my duty to pay my child’s fee. I should never be adding it up until my child turns of legal age to ask them to now pay me back for all those years of doing a part of my duty as a parent nor shall I express this in front of them to “let them know” how much part of the expense that I have as a parent is theirs. My child is neither expected nor obliged to pay me back in any way- money or through being an overachiever or obliging or agreeing with me even when they disagree in their mind. This kind of demand as a parent cannot be considered the same or even near to teaching the importance of money or how struggle looks like or teaching simplicity to my offspring. I mean, what is wrong in pampering my child? I have often seen that “tough love” is appreciated and “gentle parenting” is looked down upon where comfort is “spoiling” a child. Is a child not supposed to feel the love of her parent(s)? I haven’t seen human emotions being taken into consideration in balance by the birth-givers in the society we live in. As a parent, it is my duty to teach my child equal give and take, right and wrong and let them decide with their wisdom.

I would not want her or him or them to know the “struggle” of life when they should be enjoying it. Why is it that when a child wants to take some responsibility willingly or chooses to decide for herself, she is “just a child” but then is “supposed to know” the threats out there, value of money, treacheries of the government? Why do we consider this education and why is simplicity not celebrated as much? If a child doesn’t know all of this because they are a “child”, they are not dumb or less educated or ignorant or stupid or something like that. They are who they are- simple and innocent, learning things at their own pace and convenience and protected from the knowledge of these vices. Have we started getting offended at the fact that they are protected now? They are rightly away from the things that can harm them, be a potential threat or fill malice into their innocent minds. Take away the phones from them and let them enjoy the rain and roll in the mud, listen to themselves giggling and the giggles of the ones in their age group. Let them imitate simplicity. Why is balance not taught, practiced, appreciated and celebrated as much?

Basically, let us try to let the kids remain as kiddish as possible BUT also keep in my mind that we gently teach them otherwise whenever they show even the slightest of any toxic, unhealthy, abusive or maybe even narcissistic traits. Let’s not confuse self-love with God complex. Let us learn and practice all good so they don’t imitate any of the traits that are not nice to have as a person. They will learn the “mature” lessons when the time comes. Why to stop them from enjoying now because of these lessons of the future?

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