Mission Impossible

Booking the appointment of my next therapy session was being postponed since the first of this month. It is such a huge task whose execution needs a lot of planning and yet, I can’t ever say when, how or if even at all that planning will be successful. I thought of it today, saw the availability and booked the session because it is a priority and there are many things already piled up to be discussed. I have found some answers but there are still many questions in my mind. And oh, my mind, of course. I give it a minute and it starts convincing me to delay or cancel on attending therapy at all because it gets stressed. Thankfully, this time, it doesn’t have so much time that it can do that because I am going to be busy in work and will be doing the work related to the next session. As for the update, I had already felt it intuitively, like I felt another cycle coming to an end intuitively before it happened in the 3D reality. Weird ways of life, I can say, or maybe some karmic contract reached its end. Whatever. I am quite processing it and quite not.

At least, I am not actively trying to repress anything, quite rather noticing the slightest of any such occurrence and doing just the opposite. I hope my therapist didn’t assume that I ghosted him because of his service update. I never intend to. If at all, I just want everything else to stop being a disturbance, level up and be in accordance to my needs because I am already vibrating higher. One thing or the other keeps coming up that I have to tend to before I can look towards therapy session(s). The ones that occupied most of my time during this month are festivals, to be honest and also, family proceedings that kept going on throughout the month. Actually having been able to book it finally feels like such an achievement- like I completed a mission- because as per the circumstances, it seemed like an impossible mission and like always, I genuinely, direly need it at this point in my life, at this minute, this day.

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