Grind Culture

Grinding and hustling are not as beneficial in the long run as they sound. They are quite the opposite, rather. Even if it’s self-work, it gets exhausting. I am one of the people who follow the hustle culture because that is how my lifestyle and circumstances have been since my childhood and throughout my teenage. For me, work is a coping mechanism and I have practiced it over a decade before I learnt that it is an unhealthy habit which was not until later.

If you are grinding and hustling, I am proud of you. You are doing a great work by putting in efforts and being focused towards your goals. If you feel that this writeup is demotivating you from achieving your goals, please read my other writeups. And before you go, I want to ask you to rest assured that you will achieve all your well-intended targets.

This is more for the people who are newly getting fascinated to the grinding culture and only seeing its long-term benefits. Reaching the target is a journey and it will be a roller-coaster of emotions, physical health, mental health, maintaining financial balance and much more. You goal may even appear unachievable at times. If it has been easy for you, that’s awesome but usually, such journeys are not easy and hustle culture doesn’t show its drawbacks (obviously).

Grinding and hustling are usually related to careers but you can hustle in other aspects of your life as well and that is just as valid. If they are parts of your basic personality and not something unhealthy, toxic, narcissistic or abusive, you most probably can’t change them but can at least try to bring a balance (which is tough). In the terms of health, you may hustle in maintaining your complete well-being, struggling with one aspect out of all most of the times like mental health, physical health, emotional health, spiritual well-being and all of them are necessary. The grind culture also brings backhanded guilt when the balance is not achieved but it’s quite impossible to deal with worldly matters everyday and maintain balance in all of these aspects every day. So, sometimes, grind culture makes us chase the unachievable, taking our attention away from the simple tools we already have to achieve our goals. The mainstream media will not show you this. Even if it would, it will probably be a tool to advertise some product.

I feel guilty when I take a break and I am struggling with it. I end up having severe burnout and I stop when I have to. But I love residing and finding my respite in nature. The circumstances, the system is such that it promotes exhaustion over rest in the pursuit of a goal which, if we see, will be unachievable if we don’t rest because then we will not be able to perform our best and so will not create a sublime outcome. It shows that if we stop grinding, the world may end, which is not the complete truth. Instead of changing our habit, we can shift the target of grinding, taking it more to self-care and utmost well-being and adjusting everything to fall in accordance to that, just grinding a little different.

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