Romanticising My Body

Freshly bathed, I stand in front of the mirror. My body looks so beautiful. I look fit. The rolls on my body are just perfect. I wouldn’t want them to ever disappear. My collarbones and each angle of my body looks so beautiful no matter however I may stand. It looks different from each angle but obviously so beautiful.

The way my hair falls on my left shoulder , when I tilt my face to my right and upwards and put my left palm on my left collarbone gently, I look like a model to me. As I enjoy hopping and moving a little as doing a happy dance, the beauty enhances to that of a mermaid.

My stature, no matter what, is that of a queen and a Goddess. That is how my body makes me feel right now. I feel so free, so awesome, so sexy in my body right now (even though I never call me sexy). The bones in my throat connecting to my torso always add to my beauty with their appearance. This view is only for me and I love it, also because I can enjoy it without any judgements. I need to hurry to my family procession now.

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