Non- Congruent

I won’t water myself down or leave all of my work to talk to you.

This applies to this everyone I have to interact with.

I don’t have that bandwidth

Nor will I develop it because I am not in any mood to.

Who do you intend to be in my life?

You will have to own it, express it, stick to it and prove.

Show me what is so genuine and sublime

That I put my work on hold for you.

If nothing, then work on yourself.

I keep working on myself.

Put in the efforts and match my level.

Then can we converse and be considered as equals.

This work is heavy.

It will make you tired definitely.

It hasn’t even spared me.

Do not stop putting efforts towards improving.

If this is too much for you.

Both of us have opposite paths to travel to.

Where our fundamentals are non-congruent,

Those connections are certain to end.

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