People always get attracted to me and/or my work but that’s not what I desire for. I want them to invest in my projects- if not money, then time or appreciation. If it’s a potential partner, I want them to invest their time, to make efforts, stay genuine and truthful all the time where I don’t have to stress about any unethical or immoral acts that they may be doing (nothing that is intolerable to me) and I haven’t met anyone such uptil now. The facade fades within 2-3 years (which makes me happy that I take things slow and with caution because they prove me right). I don’t even want them to be attached to me as attachment also causes pain. Attachment, attraction and investment are all different.

There are many ways in which a person can attract another. Some are straightforward; others may be filled with malice. I like investing time in building and improving my creative endeavours. I work all the time. So, I desire for a partner who invests in bringing and maintaining peace. We must do our inner work and combined projects of growth together. We must keep working on being the healthier versions of ourselves but he must also remind me to rest as I need it.

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