I closed my eyes and pressed my palms against them.

It is known as one of the exercises to enhance them.

I saw my system flushing out on its own

All the memories of the past not needed anymore.

I didn’t force my mind to forget all the cues

Nor did I try to replace them or anything.

My brain is taking its time to process things.

I am not rushing it nor do I feel any regrets or blues.

I just feel free.

As if I am unloaded

From something heavy

That I was carrying.

I am not denying the reality.

In fact, events are just confirming

What I could feel months ago intuitively.

I was kind of prepared for the events later happening.

These cycles of events were filled with tears and tissues.

But now that they have ended, I am just letting everything flow

To prevent these emotions from again getting stored

In my body and showing up as other issues.

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