Sensory Optimism

I have a feeling that I will soon be laughing on the things that have caused me immense pain in the recent past. I will most probably be thinking in how silly and immature manner did the situation end and how had it not been for this end- this tower moment- I would have been stuck in an unhealthy loop because of my innate loyal personality.

It is all bleak, struggles, pain right now but the right person (except me, of course) will come along, stay and we will be laughing when thinking about all of this in retrospection and I would be loving to know that the one who I intuitively dedicated these words to is finally with me- happily, peacefully, truly, faithfully, nicely- forever. He will reciprocate all the good and more to me. I can feel it in my senses.

But it’s hustle and breakthroughs and struggle for balance right now. No matter what, though, my intuition will always keep me updated of the changes in the realities in real time as it always does and will save more of my time, energy, effort from being wasted. Till then, it’s hustle and rest and struggle for balance, which I will achieve before the aforementioned time will come. I feel lighter energy in the air, which is filled with lightness, optimism and novelty.

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