My luck is not dependant on another.

I am my own luck.

I choose to break unhealthy patterns

And work on not being stuck.

I struggle a lot and need some help sometimes,

Which, unfortunately, I receive at the worst of my time,

When I have lost all the hope.

Everything becomes difficult to cope.

Yes, I need support and I have been unfortunate

In achieving permanence and authenticity in that.

But never settling for less than I deserve makes me glad

Sometimes later after I can’t see it immediately when I feel devastated.

I have given the best of me

In my life continuously

To all the wrong people

But I keep making my faith in me deeper.

I am waiting for my potluck

In the form of a human

Which I am sure will be received by me

Even though when is a question of uncertainty.

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Potluck= potluck of fortune. Maybe, I gave this title because my desire will be manifested when I least expect it. Not objectifying anyone. I am building myself back together. Always be with yourself at all times. You will be surprised how strongly you will bounce back in a healthy way from any hurt, heartbreak or failure. No one can give you the confidence that standing by your side at all times will give you, especially during tough phases or times. CLICK ON ALL THE ADS THAT YOU SEE ON MY WEBSITE OR PAY BELOW THE BLOG OR HEAD TO THE ABOUT SECTION OF THE WEBSITE TO APPRECIATE MY CREATIVE WORK MONETARILY. Follow my website or add it to your RSS feed to receive regular updates of my work. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW THE BLOG. Share with as many people as you can. Have a good day. Keep smiling. Happy reading!!!


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