Learning Life Again

I am learning to laugh at my pain to become light-hearted and seeing that it works sometimes, learning to love the signs that universe is sending to me, learning to care less while embracing and expressing all of my emotions. I am learning to learn the patterns hidden in similar circumstances and cycles happening in my life, learning to love me for being me and taking a stand for myself against any wrong being done, letting others know that they have to repent for hurting me and can’t just get away with that.

I am learning to like being a little bored because there is no harm in that. I am finding hope in familial patterns and astrology, whose understanding was almost impossible for me earlier. I am learning to see and react to both good and bad of the same person or situation. Yes, it can happen because duality. Oh! And I am learning about love from my spiritual partner who is not yet present with me as a human being. I am learning that even if you alter your ways and let go of some of your ideals to adjust to a situation, the situation won’t work. I am learning through these cycles that I am not meant to adjust. Wherever will I try to adjust, the situation, plan, whatever will fail.

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