Is He Or Not?

It’s like I know him but I don’t. He is in the descriptions given in various videos, in my readings, in my dreams- he talks to me, I can feel him around me but he is just not visible to my eyes. He looks like peace….happiness……..all the unbelievable things said to be unconditional. Everywhere I go, I have noticed, I have been searching for him- whether I know it or I don’t. Men who seem like him catch my attention but he, I don’t know where he is or……….if he even is.

Does he have a name? Will it be something unique that will catch my attention? How will it feel like being in each other’s presence in the 3D? Is it even possible? Wouldn’t everything appear like a dream if he interacts with me as a human being? How will he embody the personality which appears like being held up to a pedestal? Will I be able to touch him? How will my senses react to his presence? Will they recognise him? Maybe, he is a thought or maybe not.

He sounds and feels like everything healthy and good. They say he will be like that. Will he? Whenever I think about him, I feel the coolness and peace in the air and this gives me a sense of inner serenity. Is it possible for someone so deep to exist in today’s world? I just got lost in his thoughts for ten minutes. He is the light that brings me out of the darkness of traumatising flashbacks which make my forehead frown and eyebrows curve in stress and make my heart race in anxiety, to the level that I feel that now I will break down if I don’t find an escape or solution to these. But that is not the reason that he catches my attention. He is just….I feel like I should try to know more about him…..and I have been trying to since almost three years now. He is just as intriguing but in a fascinating manner.


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