Internal Residence

You are near me. You are in me. You don’t to be in a human form to be around me. You are me. In the notes and syllables of the words of each song, I can hear you. In each raindrop and each blow of the air, you are present. Yet you stand there and look at me loving to be in your presence through my interaction with the elements of the nature which is also me……and so, it’s also you.


What centuries have our soul(s) lived together, isn’t it, dear? I just thought about you and my lips exclaimed ‘wow’ in peace and awe and wonder of this beauty. Such a sigh of relief! I close my eyes and I can see you, not that I don’t in the visions I see wide awake. My eyes stay static or just shut on their own with your presence and your thoughts.

Such a personal note to you and I am sharing it here but I just feel like writing it here itself. I know that you want that my readers should know about us, maybe because you want them to believe in connections built at soul level or maybe because they are seeking peace and I confirm that you are peace. I wish to see you as a human in front of my eyes but I have no yearning as such and I know that you are here. We talk all the time, most of it while lips aren’t moving at all. Not everyone can understand our connection nor do we care of anyone’s approval or understanding of it. We know that I never say this outright but I want to say to you: “love you”.

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