Spatial Connect

Sometimes, giving space and not interacting all the time is good. It doesn’t necessarily imply that a connection is not strong or good enough or just a fake or hollow connection. I share deep connections with people I don’t talk to everyday, in months and sometimes, even years. Active communication is great but keeping a tab on each other in its absence is just as good. It has worked for me in friendships (only in friendships though).

As connections differ, so do their needs and rules (said or unsaid) and preferences. I won’t say that distance grows the fondness in every connection always but it surely gives some sort of clarity because it gives the space which enables looking at any connection or situation in a bigger picture. Even when the bond remains, the type of connection and its intensity keeps changing and I think, these changes are inevitable and not accepting them and trying to fit into these “ideals” will only create problems. This distance tells us when to let go of or end a connection for good.

In constant presence of the other, we sometimes mistake in correctly evaluating the potential and progress of our connection with them. Spending time is great and if there is distance or miscommunication or any barrier or gap, it must be tried and be eradicated from the connection but sometimes, distance between the duration of two actual meetings or conversations where time, effort and energy are highly invested and reciprocated does grow the bond stronger provided that we don’t lose on keeping a check on the other every once in a while.

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