Falling Structures

From the place I am seeing it, there is actually nothing called society anymore. Strangely, it is not individualism either. It is just a chaos, a mess waiting for a natural calamity to unleash it and take all the blame for separating and destroying the structure which has already ended but not yet declared to be so. The helper-seeker dynamic is somewhat supporting the idea of societal structure being intact but the rest just indicates chaos. that disguises itself sometimes as structure and at other times, as individualism.

There is human interaction and everything “looks” just the same but isn’t anymore and this just makes me sad. Not many people will be able to see things from my perspective and so, will not understand my point. Failed dynamics and structures are revealing themselves and falling down like blocks and that’s great because this will make space for the better and healthier ones to build but yes, in a few years, say 5 years at most, everyone will see that what we call “society” today will be nothing like the “society” that will build up from scratch and will prove to be a healthy one then.

These changes are minute and present themselves around us all the time so they manage to escape our attention. I understand that this is part of growth. Yet, there is so much to be done before that healthier society can be built and so these dynamics and structures which are not healthy will keep falling through our recognition and conscious choice of bringing change- starting from and maybe even ending at ourselves.

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