Who is this man? Why does he appear in my dreams whenever I ask about my ultimate partner (if I will get married at all)? He looks the same as the one who I met the last time in the waking life but both of them are different people even if they look alike because the man in my dreams and visions never lets any woman even roam around his radius and always has his eyes on me- only on me. Their core is different which makes them different.

The man in my dreams protects me at all times through being present energetically in the 3D and visible in the 5D. He doesn’t speak much though. Many-a-times, he has come to protect me in the 5D visibly in the dreams and visions. I have seen him roam around in the jungles. In the first dream, I saw his eyes. In the second, I saw him completely. Both the times, I had asked the same question before sleeping. The man in 5D is so beautiful and as I said this in my mind, I felt warmth in my torso all of a sudden which lasted for just a second. It always happens like this, when I call his name as I know him in the 5D uptil now with my limited knowledge about him, I can feel warmth and protective energy in and around me- like a protective embrace is providing that warmth to me when I can see no one around me.

I have always felt his energy around me, still do but who is he for sure, I don’t know. I know that he never lies nor does he cheat ever so definitely, he is not the same as the human version of him I have met. He brings me peace and happiness always unlike the human version. Who is he after all and if he exists in the 3D the same as he is in the 5D, why does he not appear in my life and keeps showing himself- sometimes in glimpses and other times completely- in my dreams?


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