Who Knew?

I have outlived a lot of my fears or rather, I can say that things have revealed themselves in such a way- such realities have come to the surface- that such emotions have subsided, no, they have ended altogether now. Maybe it’s growth or maybe just life or maybe, it is my self-work- I don’t know. Evaluating this tells me that no one can even estimate close to what will actually happen in their future. They can put in the work and calculate the possibilities but the circumstances that happen are unpredictable, for example, the pandemic the world is living through right now.

Who knew I would be a blogger today? I didn’t even know about this term six years ago so considering it as one of my professions was a far-fetched idea and so was being an intuitive card maker and reader. Even in the second when I am writing this, I am growing and trying my best that no cycles should repeat in my life and I shall learn the lessons meant for me in its first experience itself. Is this journey beautiful? I would be lying if I say that it is more beautiful than tiring.

I had to leave a lot of people behind as they could not level up along with me and because my priorities require me to be persistently leveling up. I am not saying that I don’t fear anything anymore but there are many things that were mysteries and so, they brought up curiosity but also fear in me but they revealed themselves and a lot about me to me in the way and I don’t fear those anymore because I have the answer. These revelations didn’t reduce the risk but revealed them and opened up the doors to multiple possibilities and realities I am living.


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