Am I unbreakable? No (chuckles). I can break and I have shattered into pieces but each time, out of all of these pieces which come under my feet and hurt me—maybe not on the outside but on the inside—for sure and sometimes, for long—as I try to pick the best one amongst all, I create a new art and stand as a new individual.

I become ice when hurt or belittled or taken advantage of. Ice and glass are similar in this way. I see 9:39 on the time after writing the previous sentence. I hate people who try to break me by putting me in such situations and I lie not, I have met them just as much in my life. I can see their happiness invert to mine. This makes me sad, to know that there are such sadist people.

But then, I also don’t care now. I left doing that years ago. Provide to me what I deserve, level up or leave is how people have to act now if they connect to me for any duration. I have seen that there is always something or someone troubling me, not letting me live with peace. If that is a person, I cut them out of my life.

Nobody is unbreakable, no matter how much they may appear to be. We can do our part and not try to break people who have done no personal harm to us nor any immoral or criminal activity. I think that is why most of the times minding your own business prevents drama and all the low-vibrational energies and situations that it creates.


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