I am recording this here for me to look back on later, maybe.

In this moment after all the letting go and understanding, I am feeling free.

I don’t feel heavy anymore by my spirit or body.

A new course of events has started and I am letting it flow with ease.

I am learning more about another one of my professions,

This time, it is not Music but another one leading to progression.

The best thing is that I finally found the lessons where they don’t obsess over tradition

And pre-existing definitions and give more theoretical knowledge while respecting my intuition.

I feel so good, I want to tell my therapist (since he is a professional) about it,

Tell him that I cracked the code when none of the “supposed” ones could do it,

Did it all on my own by a lot of research because I didn’t not had the pre-requisite knowledge

Because I haven’t been taught about these in my past schools or college.

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