I like to do things as a separate individual

Because whenever there is anyone else involved,

The situation becomes unnecessary conflicting,

Tough, confusing or even suffocating.

People behave strangely.

They try to understand me

When there is no need

Or when doing so won’t benefit.

I don’t adhere to any rules.

I break tough and painful cycles and patterns

Which strain the connections

Which have been formed over generations.

I never let the wrong just be.

It appears very unsettling to me.

I read but as a third person, I don’t see any poetic justice,

When I magnify on these maternal generational cycles.

I think this is part of my life purpose.

This is why I am like my being.

Any such imbalance and wrong brings me unease.

I can’t know these and even then- like most females in my family- be at peace.

What I do, who I am differs and is meant to be unusual

Because settling with these unhealthy cycles

Only fills me up with disgust.

It has repeated twice with me, so stopping it now is a must.

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