I am not angry, bitter or hurt anymore.

I am trying to explore and understand more.

After settling these cloudy emotions,

A new clarity has set me into motion.

I want to discover more about this-

All about it- how’s, what’s and why’s.

The female side is always filled up with trouble,

The ones who are members of the family of my mother.

There is no peace when it comes to love, commitment and wedding.

Seldom is any of these marriages complete or genuine.

Problems as a third person has mostly managed to creep in between.

No one but I see some pattern, even though I don’t know as yet what does it mean.

Each somewhat-healthy couple has had to find its way to each other.

The issues keep occurring, appearing to end never,

Undergoing so much struggle to find their forever.

I have noticed this as a third person and this pattern needs to end here.

There is no cheating happening technically

But the couples are not able to initially

Live their first years together happily.

Some are filled with regrets, other have instances of jealousy.


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