I may give away my credit at times

But I owe myself all the dues and credits

Of all the work that I have done.

I deserve my credit and no one.

I did meet many

That came in my journey

And things ended with them sometimes abruptly,

Sometimes vaguely and at other times, properly.

However, I know for sure

I won’t be able to love anyone else anymore.

If he returns after doing all the work and being better,

Then, we can travel on this journey together.

I want clarity again after the course of another two and a half years.

I see 12:12 on the time right now.

There is no end to seeing these signs

But I am releasing hurt, expectations and control.

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I am releasing another tough phase in my life, even though it is filled with confusion right now because of its abrupt end. Right now, my cousin sister is playing songs, all of which remind me of this connection and that person, but somehow I am not feeling hurt. CLICK ON ALL THE ADS THAT YOU SEE ON MY WEBSITE OR PAY HER TO APPRECIATE MY WORK OR GO TO THE ABOUT SECTION. Follow my website or add it to your RSS feed to receive regular updates of my work. Respond through likes and comments. Share with whoever you want to. Have a good day. Keep smiling. Happy reading!!! Happy blogging!!! (edited till 12:21am)


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