No One But Me

It is proved yet again that nobody except me deserves my goodness.

I am no one to be taken advantage of, it is pretty simple to comprehend.

The men who hurt me have pushed themselves to their painful ends.

Only I and my besties deserve and have the right over my time to spend.

Obviously, I have learnt that crying is not weak.

So, I won’t put up with any bullshit as always

But I also won’t hold my emotions inside

To get stored and come out later in painful ways.

This is the final end, never to start again.

There is nothing positive where all I receive is pain,

Hurt, treachery and all the negative things that I don’t deserve.

They may have forgotten that their bad deeds are their own to serve.

They will come in multiplications and instantly in this moment,

As soon as you choose to go against me.

You will never be free

From the sin that you have committed.

I am a phoenix, I have done it many-a-times before,

I will rise and shine once more.

Your loss, you threw a diamond to pick a stone

And chose a miserable life in all terms in which you constantly choke.

Some Life Advices

I feel even more free and good after writing this. Don’t let anybody get away with doing anything wrong against you. Put them in their place instantly. And watch out, almost everyone nowadays is some kind of toxic, especially in the relationship matters. If you still feel the urge to love someone, first love yourself. Take yourself out on dates, cater to your needs, let yourself know that you will always be there for yourself and show up, try not to seek love as that may attract toxic or manipulative or even abusive people towards you who will keep hurting you. Never wait for anyone to come out of a relationship to be with you. If you have been the third party, choose to leave the situation as there is only hurt here. If they cared for you, you would not have been the third party. Never put anyone over yourself. It is not your fault that you have been wronged. Put the ones who have wronged you in their place. Don’t let them go away without holding them accountable. You deserve all the happiness and permanent peace in the world. Learn from the past an leave it behind or it will haunt you. At times, it is the negative familial pattern that gets repeated so be wary of that. Do whatever makes you feel free. Remember, NOBODY EXCEPT YOU IS YOUR LUCKY CHARM. YOU BRING LUCK TO YOUR LIFE BECAUSE YOU ARE LUCK. Don’t do wrong. Do no harm but take no shit. Happy reading!!! Happy blogging!!!


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