Bloody Cheat

So, this is how all of this has to end.

Your teachery and lies have no end.

On the top of the that, your audacity

And shifting your blames and responsibility on me

This has landed you in deep trouble.

The amount of hatred for you is just the double

And even more than the love that I felt for you.

I am not the one to seek when your needs are to be catered to.

I won’t let you make me delve into low vibration.

Your characterlessness has no solution.

I am not anyone to deal with your problem.

You are just a mirage, a cheat, using falseness to fool them.

Never dare to meet me again

Or I will give you endless sorrow and pain.

You are not the one I met on other realms,

Just a false mirror of him, that too, stained.

Beware! There are people roaming around who say that since you didn’t ask them, it is not their responsibility to tell you that they are in a relationship. I saw 9:09 while writing this. Don’t get caught in the lies of such people.


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