Let me stay happy in my bubble.

Don’t pop it and take me out of it

Even if you assume me to be an escapist.

The reality, sometimes, is too cruel.

Let me stay there, happy, for a change.

Do not present any reality checks.

Let me be foolish and don’t tell me that I act strange.

It takes me away from all the stress.

I love the rainbow there.

It sometimes behaves like a double-faced mirror

Through which, I see happy people of many colours.

I think that they have stories and happiness to share.

Happy Pride Month 2021

PAY HERE OR GO TO THE ABOUT SECTION OR CLICK ON ALL THE ADS THAT YOU SEE ON MY WEBSITE. Yes, this blog is related to Pride representation and the spectrum because this is the pride month 2021. Depression levels (diagnosed) are at a high right now. Just trying to cope through art, as always. Keep sharing because this is the Pride Month. It just automatically gelled with the poem as I was creating the poem. LIKE AND COMMENT. Follow my website or add to your RSS feed to receive regular updates of my work. Have a good day. Keep smiling. Happy reading!!! Happy blogging!!!


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