If right now, I would have been in a relationship with you,

I would have started writing letters for you from the first day,

Keeping them with me first and in the later years, under your pillow

When it would have escalated to our wedding and would have kept repeating this everyday.

I would have hoped that you somehow reach these letters

Because these contain my raw feelings

That I am unable to express otherwise,

Where I would have written how you make everything so much better.

I know that I will start doing it someday,

When in the 3D reality too, we will be together,

When there will no troubles, distance or wait.

I will keep gazing at your calming face as you will read these letters.

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I can’t find the right words and can’t say these words in this manner when I talk to you because your face mesmerizes me with its beauty and peace so maybe, I won’t be able to speak so I am writing it here because art is my love language. Read and respond through likes and comments. Share with whoever you want to. Follow my website or add it to your RSS feed. CLICK ON ALL THE ADS THAT YOU SEE ON MY WEBSITE or appreciate monetarily by paying here to go to the About section by clicking on the hyperlink below, Have a good day. Keep smiling. Happy reading!!! Happy blogging!!!


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