Mind Games

If my mind would have been a person,
I would have kicked it for doubting my friends,
For making me insecure of formed and forming relations.
Asking for its logic only takes me to dead ends.

I would have scolded it
For creating problems that don’t exist,
For making me feel like I am walking on eggshells,
For its such habits which are not just unhealthy but toxic.

I am tired, why do I have to prove
And keep fighting to even survive?
Apart from the worldly factors, why do
I need to keep fighting my own sabotaging mind?

I have tried all tricks and methods to tackle this issue-
From love to any other emotion that passes my mind through.
I talk to my friends all day, everyday and have fun
Yet my mind finds out time to ruin the meanings of harmless puns.

It makes me believe
That something was targeted against me,
Said against me personally
But when I recheck the evidence, I find nothing of such a quality.

It is 1:01 am, I see, when I have written the last verse.
Yes, all of us are different but we unite when we converse
Because all of us listen from a place of understanding.
I am fighting against my sabotaging self’s vicious planning.

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