The Eternal Beauties

It is 8:28 am right now and I am wondering what would I do without art in my life? What would I do if I don’t create art? But I don’t want to imagine it because I can’t do it without art. My language of communication is art. Can there be life without art? I haven’t seen one and I don’t want to see it. I am unable to understand if such a life exists, completely untouched by art of any kind because art, like air, is everywhere. My veins would have given up if art wasn’t there.


Art in itself is par description despite that it helps me describe whatever I have in my head. Somehow, art connects to everything and everything connects to art. I can spend hours with a piece of art (any genre) and the time will still fall short. I am not talking about abstract art. I am talking about the ones which have already been given names and description and even if I read those, I interpret them in multiple ways but not the description because it is just incomplete. I don’t think so that any true piece of art can ever be described in limited number of words or pages.

This is a beautiful moment of enjoying the essence, the presence of art and what does it reflect and what is reflected by it. It is as beautiful as him but he is a lot more beautiful, I must say here, even though art is life-like, he still outshines it but right now, I am going to spend them thinking of these eternal beauties.

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