It feels that we have met now after being apart for centuries.

I close my eyes and I see flowers falling from the tree.

I see the rain drops fall all over my body.

I recall visions of many forms that I have embodied.

I saw us looking at each other with our cute eyes.

I see myself seeing you and gasping at your sight.

I see my friends notice how you make me week in the knees.

I see an empty road in a beautiful jungle and that I am enjoying that peace.

I see both of us sitting in meditation and see the cords of our energy connect through the heart chakr.

I can’t wait to meet you years, but what seems like decades, after.

I see us being the workaholics we are

And wearing professional black coats and pants, looking out the window like wishing for our union on a falling star.

I see all of this while listening to Music.

Art connects us since always, doesn’t it?

I see the nature and its elements, the plants and animals, talk and connect with us.

I see them preparing and inviting us to our abode, to live like two hermits in that beautiful jungle.

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