People leave and they leave behind the words they say- expressly written or not. Words stay when people cannot anymore. These don’t have to be only good words. It is not that if someone dies, suddenly all of their mistakes and crimes are forgiven yet what remain, as the one to haunt the ones who became such people’s targets, are the words that they said to them except if those were said to threat. In such a case, they bring comfort after they leave.

Some of these words are left unsaid and so, in retrospection, they bring curiosity in one’s mind. Rare are the ones who are genuine and sweet and so are their words and in any such loss, it feels really heavy. Some of the words are hints and codes, hard to decode for the simple-minded while sometimes, despite being clear, sweet and genuine, these words somehow slip into going unnoticed until if and when recalled later with the help of some evidence. Sometimes, their expression is extremely necessary and the other times, their expression can be avoided.

Sarcasm is also a way of some people of showing love who find direct expression uncomfortable but that is different from being rude or making someone feel bad because the intent is just the opposite. Few of them are poetic words, saying stories in a few letters, including metaphors and similes to make their point. Some are prophetic and some help as guidance. However, whenever any emotion reaches its utmost peak, words fall short.


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