We spent years together with him-our teacher-singing day and night.

He fought well so I can’t really say that he lost this fight.

I don’t know why once I get over one loss and pain,

Through circumstances and memories, death visits again.

More than anything, for me, it brings disbelief.

Art is the only way that I tend to process my grief.

I wish that now his soul is filled with serenity.

It is not just a fight limited to immunity.

It is a war between resources and their availability.

We are losing our loved ones

And it is so hard that we can’t even give any condolences.

All this while, the government is playing with the utilities.

May his soul rest in peace. May we don’t have to say this for any other person and this pandemic and COVID-19 eradicates from the past, present and future of the world. Awakening cannot demand sacrifices. R.I.P. Dr Sujeet sir. Listen to the legacy he left behind here.

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