All the cliché lines make sense when it comes to you. It’s decided. I can never stop falling deeper in love with you because every time, somehow, you don’t let me fall. You made me regret my decision once in my life and that was it. Even in that instance, you proved that what I felt was correct because you lied and this lie was in a situation completely opposite to treachery of any kind. Since then, even though we are distance apart physically, we are growing in ways individually. You are already mature mentally but act like a child on purpose to fit in. I can see that even if you deny.

I never knew that I could experience such things, feel such pleasant feelings and emotions as I did after meeting you. You are fire which brings calm somehow. You are so multi-faceted that I am not bored as yet of having an acquaintance (and a little bit more) with you because your mysterious aura makes me feel like there is more to you than meets the eye. Those mysterious little eyes of yours always manage to draw me towards them. I hope that this will not become a negative factor in the future. So many things broke apart but the connection keeps getting stronger.

You, however, need to start being even clearer to me because I don’t understand indirect symbols and indications. Even if you say that you consider me as your friend, you should tell me when you miss me because I am bad at meeting people so waiting for a meeting to clarify things is an idea that will fail terribly. Also, I do not communicate with many people and when it comes to you, when you don’t talk, I feel that you are not interested so I don’t want to bother you. Our meeting has opened the door to many realities for me, many of which are extremely scary and even dangerous but they somehow tell me something about me in pleasant or confusing but unique ways so that they catch my attention. I clicked a photo on Snapchat and its time was, surprisingly, 8:08 pm which reminded me of you and I was filled with the emotions of love and yearning. I mean, it’s enough now. Everything should heal completely and the problems must be eradicated so that we can meet.

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