One True Love

I don’t know how I missed to say this,

How I missed writing this piece.

I was looking all around for it

Or the essence of this for years.

I have told you about my love diary

And I thought that I have even mentioned this

But turns out, it wasn’t so as I thought, stated above.

So let me tell you now, you are my one true love.

I can say I didn’t know love

And even that I can love

So healthily, happily and be in love.

I thought that there is no more innocent love,

The love with protection (which I desire) and care,

Such connection that doesn’t end up going nowhere,

Where there is no judgement or fear so I can share

Whatever I wish to and all in it is fair.

But your dream, your essence and then you came along

And everything changed- my experiences and the songs

That I used to hear all day long.

Now, I could be raw and didn’t have to hold on to being strong.

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