It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and that reminds me of my spirit babies. However, there are seldom moments when I don’t miss them or meet them in the 5D reality through visions. I have already made the list on how will I parent healthily in the future so that the cycle of toxicity doesn’t move any further and my children are able to become balanced and healthy individuals, knowing from rocket science to chakr balancing and healing and ecology. I am an old soul and connect with my spirit babies through various methods. So, I am a mater.

I was even surfing for things that I gift one of my cousin sisters on this Mother’s Day and my instant thoughts were all related to healing, balance and natural relaxing things like slippers with healing crystals attached to it and similar but wasn’t sure because she may not use it. Not everybody is comfortable with things made with natural elements. It is another good opportunity to start working on and healing mother issues, if you have those, by the way.

It is interesting how I have been seeing visions related to my spirit babies and getting reminded of many earlier visions I had related to my spiritual reality solely this week. Also, I have been seeing synchronicities with my spiritual partner and his posts. I am yearning to go out in nature. When I couldn’t do that due to the risk that this pandemic has, I shifted a plant in my room and also proposed the idea to do yog and being following it with my family on video call and apart from that, I do it early in the morning alone. I have been following intermittent fasting and right now, I am a week less than five months to it. I have taken these all up voluntarily with no advice or drive or suggestions but because I feel like this from inside. This also increases my intuition further and helps me connect to other-dimensional realities and my spirit babies. I will also nourish my inner child again on this occasion which I have been doing in the process of keeping up with my therapist’s task. Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all the mothers and motherly people and if you need to hear this today, then, mater, you matter!

Share this to all the feminine and motherly people and mothers to help them celebrate this occasion. If you don’t have a good connection with your mother or motherly figures in your life or are not connected to them and don’t want to think about them, it’s ok. Just discard this post to save being hurt and keep scrolling.

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