Fairy Tale

Sometimes, I go out in nature to run from myself and my negative thoughts, which sometimes are even sabotaging and intrusive. A few of these times, I seek from the nature that it will clean the dust and make it clear about what is going on inside me. In all of these circumstances, I find myself getting closer to me, to the truths inside me. I intend to run but it doesn’t help me with that. It helps me with confrontation instead but it is much easier to do when in nature rather than when not because there, I willingly don’t want to work but rejuvenate and work helps me escape a lot.

Nature fascinates me. It appears like a fairy tale to me because it is breathtakingly beautiful and is best kept when left untouched. It’s wondrous that such beauty exists. It shows me that raw and original is just beautiful. The butterflies I used to chase when I was a child still fascinate me. I don’t want to touch them, just see them from as close as I can without scaring them. When I get lost in such beauty, I forget all the troubles and worries. There are many places in nature and whenever I look at them, get to know about them, get to spend some of my time there, I feel like staying there in as simple life as possible (even though whatever I like turns out to be the best but most expensive thing of that category).

Being in nature is like living a dream in real life. How blessed were the people described in the earliest of vedas, living and co-existing with nature in balance! I also want to live like that. I will learn the survival skills gradually. How peaceful will it be to witness greenery all around all the time, with the sound of gushing waves and calm water echoing in the ears day-to-night, seeing many deer hop around, the fluttering, the roar, everything- which comes with its own dangers but such beauty would be worth it for sure. That is why, those who visit it once, don’t want to leave ever (except in horror movies). It holds within it habitats of habitats. No matter how much one can try and come close but cannot imitate nature, not in my opinion. This fairy tale is impossible to be recreated in all ways without losing its beauty and rawness.

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