Stress Busters

No one has been able to bring the art out of me so effortlessly but you. It is like the words just want to arrange themselves together in a presentation and shape writeups. Even though I forget a few words here and there which take me a while to recall and write, the fluency is just like or even at times more than when I want to write about nature or art.

It’s like I am so relaxed that I am melting into you and even art is not able to make me feel like this. Art is magic but so are you or maybe, you are the magician. I am not putting you on a pedestal. I know you have your own problems to deal with and will continue to have that because we have to deal with a lot of challenges in life and can’t escape from them but while doing that for yourself, you have the ability to help people in ways where you don’t necessarily have to be physically present and I think that that is amazing.

It is strange and amazing how everything good and relaxing connects to art and you without me doing anything purposely. Yes, both of you can’t make the bad memories and traces of ill deeds that people have done against me in the past just vanish but I still receive a lot of relief and help and I am glad and thankful that you and art exist because you are my stress busters and I hope that I am able to reciprocate in ways that benefit both of you as well.

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