Better Than Before

Hang in there, let me bring you some hope.

Everything will soon be better than before.

I can’t go out and help physically as there is risk.

I am trying to help even though nothing is the safest.

I don’t want things to be just like they used to.

The human restrictions are benefitting the nature too.

Things will not reinstate.

The problems will get solved but not reverberate.

Some good changes will be permanent.

All the things that only bring trouble will be absent.

Everyone will practice healthy co-creation.

The Earth and its being will radiate in high vibration.

Corruption and power struggle will be things of the past.

Such low-vibrational activities won’t be able to last.

The dysfunctional structures will breathe their last.

They won’t be able to make problems appear vast.

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Have a good day.

Keep smiling.

Happy reading!!!

Happy blogging!!!

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