You know that I am not clingy

But now, this distance also is slowly making things dreary.

How many minutes, days, hours, weeks,

Months and phases will go by before we will re-meet?

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If right now, I would have been in a relationship with you,

I would have started writing letters for you from the first day,

Keeping them with me first and in the later years, under your pillow

When it would have escalated to our wedding and would have kept repeating this everyday.

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The Eternal Beauties

It is 8:28 am right now and I am wondering what would I do without art in my life? What would I do if I don’t create art? But I don’t want to imagine it because I can’t do it without art. My language of communication is art. Can there be life without art? I haven’t seen one and I don’t want to see it. I am unable to understand if such a life exists, completely untouched by art of any kind because art, like air, is everywhere. My veins would have given up if art wasn’t there.

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It feels that we have met now after being apart for centuries.

I close my eyes and I see flowers falling from the tree.

I see the rain drops fall all over my body.

I recall visions of many forms that I have embodied.

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