This is a stressful time. Don’t restrict common public for the mismanagement and corruption of the government. The stress level is just increasing all over. For your sanity, switch off the news for a while and stop spreading the negativity. All of us know the reality. The pandemic is becoming like the other problems that everyone had been dealing with since years but have become immune to now because we, as the public, can’t do it. I am not saying it won’t end because what starts has to end at some time. I am also not saying that don’t be cautious. Take all the precautions necessary but also take some time to breathe.

If we blame the ones suffering for the responsibility they never had to fulfil, are we not being one with the system that is not doing its job properly? People are going out of their ways to make things better but the stress still remains. Stop bringing in all the negativity from the TV and news and spreading it all around you. Stress makes the immune system weak and we don’t want that right now. From where I am seeing it, the way the people are helping each other in these tough times is also taking us towards a publicly Utopian society, towards egalitarianism, if this work continues.

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We are in the middle of a pandemic. Many of you may be actively trying to help other people with this and many of you will have many impacts and many ways to deal with this time. But, take some time off for yourself and to prevent being overwhelmed, distance yourself from the mainstream news for a while. In any time, it is not bad to take some time off for your mental peace. Also, if you can, please donate personally to help the people, like beds and medications and verifying things. Do your best to strengthen your immune systems because vaccines, anyhow, are also showing side-effects. Please listen to healing Music. In case, you like my work and want to give a token of appreciation, you can do that here or go to the About section. Click on all the ads that you see on my website. Have a good day. Keep smiling. Happy reading!!! Happy blogging!!!


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