All of this will never end. The virus is another way of controlling the mind. “Experts” say this. The “crazy ones” say this. I have explored it myself. The difference is just that this time, to obtain political propaganda, the fear is widespread. I have been reading about it a lot and mind you, I read the comments under the videos to gain raw response and it’s like all of us know that it is never going to go away and know that masks are not effective to end the spread, just to control it yet we are being beaten into adhering what the tyrants want us to believe in. I am seeing big scams and several small scams beneath them and after obeying for years now, people have seen that this doesn’t work and so, the masks are being taken off to let the system breathe. And if you say anything against all of this, you become a “scammer”.

I have lived in the fear of the “pandemic” for years now and took all the precautions but it still is happening. So, why to follow the rules? It took me time to break out of the pandemic matrix. It may take time for you to do the same but for that, you have to choose to go crazy to find out the sanity amongst all the craziness. I feel so bad that I put off and had been delaying meeting my twin flame, who I want to meet so dearly since years now, because of a pre-planned hoax which has even been already shown in shows years ago. With all that he likes, I am waiting for our next meet to happen now and I know, the moment I decide this, the part of the plan is to start instilling and spreading more fear. When the rallies happen, pandemic is never there. It is a new way of oppressing people. I don’t like human interaction so I won’t be around people anyways so don’t you worry.

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