They look so beautiful

But are rotten from inside.

They are advanced when it comes to them

But hide their shallowness behind their smiles.

Some people are like these tomatoes

But they still lack in vitamins.

Whenever it is their time to show good results,

They shrug off their responsibilities and run.

They shrug off their responsibilities and run.

Or show their reality.

Instead of taking up responsibility, they bite,

Blame and still keep dividing the humanity.

This is not a pandemic, this is a wake up call.

Power struggle is a sham.

All of the power to bring the change is in us after all.

These “leaders” and “parties” are limited to scams.

We Can Overcome This Pandemic

Please do your best to boost your immune system. Help everyone around you during this pandemic. No place is safe from the virus but don’t let it rule over your minds. All of us have to help ourselves. Vibrate higher. Don’t stop doing physical activities if you find yourself prone to the virus. Keep your body and mind immune. Clear the aura around you. Also drink adequate amount of water everyday. Also, do not fear anything or anyone as that will only make you less immune. To the Indians, remember the struggle that we are going through now before voting in the next elections. Even if you don’t pay to me, contribute some money for the beds for COVID-19 patients. Click on the link below to do that. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


Vibrate high and do your part during this pandemic. The frequency of COVID-19 ends at 14.5 hz so listen to Music above that frequency here. Most importantly, do not discriminate against or mistreat any of the ones who are detected with the symptoms of COVID-19. Keep sharing this post further. We will heal the world by healing ourselves.

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